News from TEPRI- May 2023

NEWS FROM TEPRI May 2023 A Note From The Executive Director Margo Weisz Today I want to thank our Members, and to explain why your engagement is so deeply important to our work. TEPRI’s members represent a spectrum of large and small energy and community stakeholders who are supporting meaningful energy solutions for all people. […]

News From TEPRI- March 2023

NEWS FROM TEPRI March 2023   A NOTE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Margo Weisz Friends of TEPRI, I am a prime candidate for spring fever. Hits me hard every year! My best thinking happens amid abundant sunshine, and on a trail with a grinning dog. Spring is more than a season, it is a time […]

News From TEPRI- December 2022

NEWS FROM TEPRI DECEMBER 2022 A NOTE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Margo Weisz As the year comes to a close, I want to take the opportunity to say a colossal THANK YOU! After a year at the helm of TEPRI, I am increasingly energized by the passion, innovation, big hearts and great minds that surround […]

2022 Texas Energy Wrapped – Big Changes to Markets, Efficiency, and Prices

As 2022 comes to a close, it is becoming ever important to both examine how this year’s energy events are impacting low-income families across the state and to keep an eye on major changes yet to come. This year was especially turbulent for Texas energy customers. True Costs of Winter Storm Uri Back in January, […]

News From TEPRI- October 2022

NEWS FROM TEPRI OCTOBER 2022 Fall is the season when Texans emerge boldly from summer hibernation.  Festivals, concerts, football games, bike races, all bloom throughout the state. The season is an energetic one, and TEPRI is launching into fall with a new Strategic Plan, an exciting line-up of projects, and the release of our Low-Income Energy […]

How We’re Identifying Opportunities for Greater Energy Equity in Texas

By: Andrew Robison, Research Analyst, TEPRI | Evan Magallanes, Graduate Research Assistant, TEPRI | Will Bryan, Director of Research, SEEA | Joy Ward, Energy Research Associate, SEEA | Cyrus Bhedwar, Director of Policy, SEEA TEPRI, in collaboration with the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), has co-developed a geospatial tool to help identify and highlight the depth of energy burdens and environmental impacts […]

TEPRI’s Presentation for CELC Webinar: Energy + Equity

On Thursday, September 26, TEPRI presented our “Building a Better Understanding of Texas Low-Income Communities and Energy” findings for a City Efficiency Leadership Council (CELC) Webinar. The CELC webinar, entitled “Energy + Equity,” covered the ins and outs of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Energy for Low-Income Communities Accelerator (CELICA) Toolkit and Low-income Energy […]