TEPRI’s Energy Equity Primer

TEPRI has put energy equity at the center of its solutions development process to reverse these negative impacts of energy burden and advance opportunities for LMI communities to contribute to and benefit from an equitable energy transition. As we set out to work together for solutions, we discovered the need to provide a baseline of definitions and concepts for leveling the discussion on how we can promote a more equitable energy transition. With the help of our stakeholder network, we have worked to develop a primer to guide language and understanding of these issues affecting the equitable energy transition.

Download TEPRI’s Energy Equity Primer Here

Our aim is that this primer will help define key concepts addressing energy equity issues, foster greater collaboration between energy stakeholders and ultimately improve participation of marginalized and historically underserved households for a more just and equitable energy transition. Standard definitions of these terms and a better understanding of energy equity concepts has already led to more open dialogue among members of TEPRI’s Energy Opportunities Coalition, a working group of diverse energy stakeholders and community based organizations (CBOs) from across the State.