New Member: Frontier Energy Joins with TEPRI


AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI) is thrilled to announce Frontier Energy as a supporting member. Frontier Energy has spent over a decade implementing utility energy efficiency programs in Texas serving single-family and multifamily low-income residents. They provide turnkey program administration, training for project sponsors, and outreach to broaden the network of eligible program partners while cultivating innovative program delivery models that optimize energy savings and incorporate new energy efficiency measures.

Over the past decade, new building codes and energy technologies have improved the energy efficiency of most Texas homes. Yet among lower income families, especially those who rent their homes, the need for assistance in paying for energy improvements to properties and paying energy bills is still high. Frontier looks forward to collaborating with TEPRI and other TEPRI members to identify, clarify and simplify pathways for leveraging multiple funding sources toward meeting these needs.

Steve Wiese, Director of Implementation at Frontier Energy, is excited to be the newest TEPRI member. He says, “We see our alliance with TEPRI as a unique opportunity to expand and improve our innovative approaches to serving low-income energy customers and their utilities.”

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About Frontier Energy:

Frontier Energy is a professional consulting firm that specializes in energy efficiency and advanced energy solutions for residential and commercial buildings, food service, transportation, and next-generation grid. Their expert staff design, implement, and evaluate programs that help save energy, reduce costs, and improve accessibility for low-income and disadvantaged communities. From helping Habitat for Humanity build efficient homes to designing zero-net energy affordable housing to enabling incentives for electric vehicles and charging, Frontier Energy is shaping a diverse energy future that includes conservation, efficiency, and new technologies. 

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About TEPRI:

TEPRI was founded by former Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman Becky Klein in 2015 with the goal of bringing together a diverse collaboration of community stakeholders to work toward generating solutions to solve energy problems. By studying and sharing what is working across the country, the institute spreads best practices in energy conservation, efficiency, and reducing energy burdens. Members of TEPRI are leveraging resources to spearhead innovative and in-depth research at the nexus of energy and poverty.

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