New Member: EnerChoice Joins with TEPRI


AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI) is excited to welcome EnerChoice as we work together towards our mission to inspire lasting energy solutions for low-income communities.  

Phil Audet, Founder and Principal at EnerChoice, describes the partnership with TEPRI as “a great way to increase the awareness of electric utility programs that are directed toward multi-family housing.” He looks forward to collaborating with TEPRI to allow these programs to reach more multifamily residents in Texas.

EnerChoice LLC is a Texas company whose mission is to assist utilities and their customers increase their energy efficiency. In the never-ending quest for newer, more-sustainable sources of energy, the potential to meet a substantial part our future energy needs by increasing the efficiency of existing buildings is often overlooked.  

TEPRI is a collaboration of power market participants that includes diverse stakeholders in both public and private sectors. By supplying these key players with knowledge and research about energy poverty in Texas, TEPRI hopes to inform efforts to lower the energy burden in lower-income communities.  

In Texas, there are thousands of older, all-electric multifamily properties with energy intensities that far exceed those of newer homes and buildings.  As TEPRI research has shown, this energy burden often falls upon the shoulders of lower-income families. EnerChoice aims to meet a substantial part of our future energy needs by increasing the efficiency of our homes, schools, and businesses.

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About EnerChoice 

EnerChoice is a Texas company whose mission is to assist utilities and their customers increase their energy efficiency. EnerChoice has worked with Texas utilities in implementing programs that provide incentives for the installation of thousands of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Oncor’s Multifamily HVAC program was recently recognized as an exemplary program by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).  These programs benefit residents, owners and utility ratepayers. 

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About TEPRI 

TEPRI was founded by former Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman Becky Klein in 2015 with the goal of bringing together a diverse collaboration of community stakeholders to work toward generating solutions to solve energy problems. By studying and sharing what is working across the country, the institute spreads best practices in energy conservation, efficiency, and reducing energy burdens. Members of TEPRI are leveraging resources to spearhead innovative and in-depth research at the nexus of energy and poverty. 

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