News from TEPRI – August 2022

At long last, Spring 2022 has brought us opportunities to be together. We are able to see each other smile and share a good laugh!

Webinar Recap | Deploying Sustainable Energy in Low-Income Housing

On August 18, 2022, TEPRI’s Andrew Robison and Katelynn Essig from Foundation Communities shared ways to encourage developers and property managers to incorporate energy efficiency and solar upgrades into new and existing multifamily developments. By providing detailed information on the costs and benefits of energy efficiency upgrades, examining some of the available state and local […]

TEPRI’s Energy Equity Primer

TEPRI has put energy equity at the center of its solutions development process to reverse these negative impacts of energy burden and advance opportunities for LMI communities to contribute to and benefit from an equitable energy transition. As we set out to work together for solutions, we discovered the need to provide a baseline of […]

Blog Post | TEPRI Releases Energy Equity Primer

BLOG POST | AUGUST 3, 2022 By: Bobuchi Ken-Opurum, PhD (TEPRI Director of Research) What exactly are “Equitable Energy Opportunities?”  Each of us may view the concept from a unique vantage point, as it relates to our work and our understanding of the different barriers people face to access affordable, reliable, and clean energy. TEPRI […]