News from TEPRI – April 2022

UPDATE FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Greetings TEPRI Friends, At long last, Spring 2022 has brought us opportunities to be together. We are able to see each other smile and share a good laugh! At TEPRI, this season has brought with it new opportunities to connect, and new faces to the organization. We are delighted to introduce […]

How We’re Identifying Opportunities for Greater Energy Equity in Texas

By: Andrew Robison, Research Analyst, TEPRI | Evan Magallanes, Graduate Research Assistant, TEPRI | Will Bryan, Director of Research, SEEA | Joy Ward, Energy Research Associate, SEEA | Cyrus Bhedwar, Director of Policy, SEEA TEPRI, in collaboration with the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), has co-developed a geospatial tool to help identify and highlight the […]