News from TEPRI – November 2021

This has already been an eventful 2021 for energy and social equity, and February’s winter storm brought front and center the experience of energy insecurity for many people.

Lived Experiences of Winter Storm Uri Presentation at 2021 BECC Conference

TEPRI’s research analyst, Andrew Robison, presented the key findings from the July report, When the Lone Star Froze Over: Winter Storm Uri and the lived experiences of Texas low-income communities, at the Behavior, Energy and Climate Conference (BECC) on Tuesday, November 9th, 2021. The presentation focused on the lived experiences of low-income Texans before, during, […]

Energy Opportunities Coalition 2021 Report

TEPRI developed a state-wide Coalition to explore and launch cross-collaboration opportunities that maximize the impacts from dispersed funding sources to create clean energy opportunities that aid in the COVID-19 response and economic recovery efforts and beyond.

Energy Opportunities Coalition 2021 Report

The 2021 Energy Opportunities Coalition (EOC) report, Advancing Clean Energy Solutions in Underserved Texas Communities, details how the Coalition’s convenings fostered the creation of concept recommendations in three distinct areas: housing, mobility, and health. The coalition included key stakeholders in each of the three areas of focus from public agencies, nonprofits, universities, utilities, low-income and environmental organizations, and other […]