ANB Systems to Host TEPRI for Energy Efficiency Workshop

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On Wednesday, May 6th at 12pm CT, ANB Systems will host TEPRI for a workshop aimed at exploring energy efficiency applications to help communities recover from the impacts of COVID-19.


This workshop aims to spark discussion among participants around practical applications of utility energy efficiency programs for helping communities recover and rebuild in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dana Harmon (TEPRI Executive Director) and Jacquie Moss (TEPRI Research Fellow) will share findings from TEPRI’s recent research study aimed to offer insights into the lived experiences of low-income Texans for whom the cost of energy creates a disproportionate financial burden.

With a multi-faceted investigation into the lives of people or at risk of experiencing energy poverty, we strive to inform decision-makers to advance lasting energy solutions most suitable for people experiencing financial hardship, which is particularly relevant during this global crisis.

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