New Member – Pecan Street Inc. Joins with TEPRI

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI) welcomes the support of Pecan Street providing actionable data to help explain and address low-income energy burdens. Pecan Street Inc. is an energy and water research organization based in Austin, Texas. Its network of volunteer research participants has become an international model for how to develop and operate real-world energy and resource research.

Suzanne Russo, CEO of Pecan Street Inc., shares the following thoughts about the partnership with TEPRI:

“As the climate threat worsens, it is critical to demonstrate that cleaner, zero-carbon electricity is an affordable and reliable reality in Texas. We’re honored to be part of a group that recognizes the impact that energy efficiency and cleaner electricity can have on narrowing the energy-poverty divide in Texas and look forward to sharing the results of our research that prove it.”

Pecan Street is the only organization or company that combines expertise in the “Internet of Things,” high-velocity data acquisition, big data analytics, and lean product development to drive disruptive innovation for water and energy. It produces and provides access to the world’s best data on consumer energy and water consumption behavior, conducts testing and verification of technology solutions, and offers commercialization services to guide policy decisions and help bring breakthrough ideas to market faster.

Dana Harmon, Executive Director of TEPRI, looks forward to welcoming Pecan Street as a supporting member. She says of the partnership:

“We are so excited to partner with such an innovative and cutting-edge organization. We look forward to working together in advancing our mission to inspire lasting energy solutions for low-income communities.”

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About TEPRI:

The Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute (TEPRI) is a collaboration of poverty and energy stakeholders working to inspire lasting energy solutions for low-income communities. Our efforts support leaders in their efforts to advance initiatives that reduce both energy burdens and carbon emissions. We work with teams of experts from inside and outside the energy sector to conduct research, build evidence, create tools for practitioners, and partner with local jurisdictions to pilot and test new policies and practices that can scale through effective networks. Our work improves the systems that are needed to enable sustainable energy solutions to reach underserved communities so that their benefits may flow to those most in need. 

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About Pecan Street Inc.

Pecan Street Inc. is an energy and water research organization based in Austin, TX. Our network of volunteer research participants is the first of its kind on the planet and has become an international model for how to develop and operate real-world energy and resource research. Our commercialization lab is a world-class proving ground for major corporations and startups alike. Our database, the largest source of disaggregated customer energy data, is used by university researchers and industry-leading companies around the world.

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